Android online training in India

Android online training in India

Deziron Technologies providing top android online training in India by experienced and real-time experts. Our android course structure was prepared by real-time industry experts which is suitable for present industry needs and android application development. We focus on Basic, Intermediate and advanced level of development with practical approach.

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Online android training syllabus

Basics of Android Platform

The Android SDK, Android Runtime, Application frameworks
Building an Android application in Eclipse
The Android Emulator
User interfaces
Writing simple GUI applications
Activity LifeCycle
Creating the Activity
An Overview of User interfaces
Using XML Layouts
Selection Widgets
Date and Time Tabs
Using Menus
Using Fonts
The WebView and the WebKit Browser
Dialog Boxes: AlertDialog & Toast
Using resources
Create and use advanced content providers
Using built-in widgets and components
Create custom widgets
Writing UIs that are independent of screen size and density
Writing UIs that are aware of, and can react to, screen size and density
Taking advantage of larger screens

Integrating WebKit

Launching a standalone Browser activity
Adding a WebKit to your application
Loading local content
Controlling what happens on link clicks

Android Google Map Concept

Generation of API KEY
Getting Default Map
Map Overlay

Storing and Retrieving Data

Using preferences
Using the filesystem
Persisting data to a database
Working with ContentProvider classes
Networking and Web services
An overview of networking
Checking the network status
Communication with server socket
Working with HTTP
Web Services
Intents and services
Working with Intent classes
Listening in with broadcast receivers
Building a Service
Performing InterProcess
Going to Production
Code signing
Handling Multiple Devices and API Versions
Writing code that can dynamically react to available hardware capabilities
Writing code that can adapt to multiple API versions
Debugging / troubleshooting Android application
Testing Android applications
Deployment of Android applications