Bing has become one of the top three search engines on Internet. And this Bing was not only supplying sponsored results but the organic results matched the Yahoo results as well. Here as per my experience Bing does not allow paid rankings, so your organic efforts will be the deciding factor for your ranking in search engine.The major difference with Bing is that this search engine puts more emphasis on the freshness of content than other search engines like Google,Yahoo.

If websites updates high-quality, relevant content on a regular basis have a better chance of ranking high with BIng. If we implement Bing’s algorithms factors in our website there is a chance to get better rank in Bing.

Bing Technical Suggestions

  • Validate your HTML(Hyper Text Markup Language) code (Learn How to validate your website for HTML)
  • Avoid broken links (How to identify broken links in your website)
  • Set up redirects from old pages to new onces
  • Ensure that you have allowed the MSNBot to crawl your site and employ Robots.txt
  • Keep the keyword density around 6%
  • Use static URLs wherever possible rather than dynamic URLs with multiple extensions
  • Create valuable content(To write SEO friendly content you need to improve your content writing skills)
  • With visible on-page text, include keywords
  • Keep pages down to a reasonable file size
  • Try not to cover more than one topic per each page
  • Use static text links
  • Put keywords in text rather than in images

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