What is WordPress?
WordPress is free and open source blogging software application and a content management systems which is based on PHP and MySQL, which runs on server environment.WordPress supports for plugins. WordPress is widely used blogging platform because it is a very SEO friendly CMS which is likes by Google.

There are so many advantages to SEO when you use WordPress

 Some of them are listed below:

  • WordPress is widely acknowledged as a very SEO friendly CMS on Internet
  • WordPress is very clean and simple in coding and it easy for search engines to read and index WordPress website quickly
  • We can use meta tags,title tags for specific keywords allowing for very precise search engine optimization
  • WordPress is a great tool for search engine optimization and web marketers or SEO professionals, Because we can complete SEO task very quickly by using SEO related plugins.
    WordPress creates permalinks(SEO friendly URL’s).SEO can put all the relevant keywords in the URL structure of the web page. This will make it easy for the search engines to detect those keywords and rank for such keywords.
  • WordPress is built around the search engine guidelines outlined and launched by Google.Satisfying Google guidelines means word press reduced SEO professionals work.
    Content is king in the search engine optimization. By using WordPress we can add content very easily.In SEO content plays a big role.
  • WordPress constantly updated by thousands of developers and programmers according to whatever updates made by search engines new algorithm. And this process helps in SEO.
    WordPress SEO plugins are also one of the reason in advantages in SEO process.
  • WordPress supports for mobile optimization.
  • WordPress support for all themes . And it supports for Responsive designs(Responsive designing is also recommended in search engine optimization)
    If your website built with WordPress Responsive themes we have SEO advantages a lot.

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