online php training course from India

online php training course from India

Deziron Technologies providing top online PHP training course from India by experienced and real-time experts. Our PHP course structure was prepared by real-time industry experts which is suitable for present web development. We focus on Basic, Intermediate and advanced level of development with practical approach.

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What are the advantages of PHP?

PHP is a very popular scripting language used by most of the web developers to enhance the web site functionality and web site designing throughout the world. It is mainly known to create dynamic web pages. It can be easily mixed with HTML and most of the web developers prefer this language.

Moreover it is quite easy to use as it includes simple formats. Techniques and features which can understand by the programmer very easily. Increased efficiency and usability. Fast Data processing features.

Online PHP training syllabus

What is SGML?

HTML Introduction

HTML basic structure

Text formatting tags in HTML

Table tag in HTML

Complex table structure creation in HTML

HTML forms creation

CSS (Style sheet)

CSS Introduction

Types of CSS

CSS syntax rules

CSS properties and values


Java script introduction

Looping statement

Predefined functions in java Script

Java Script validations

Working with Different types of Mouse Events


What is PHP?

Importance of PHP and PHP advantages

Apache, MySQL, PHP Installation (Windows, Linux)

PHP Basics –

Variable rules

Storing and retrieving variables

Decision making in PHP

Comparison operators

The if construct

The while constructs

The for construct

Working with arrays


Declaring functions

Passing data by reference

Variable scope in PHP

Working with web forms

PHP POST & GET form elements

Embedding forms with PHP code

Validating form data

Guidelines for secure PHP

Understanding magic quotes

Setting default values in forms

Processing uploaded files

Retrieving uploaded files

Session Handing’s in PHP

cookie Handlings in PHP

Handling date  and time

Working with files in PHP

Reading & writing files with PHP

Handling errors in PHP


A brief history of databases

Relational database concepts

Database tables

MySQL Data types

Introduction to PHP My admin

Creating and Checking Tables

Auto increment and Primary Keys

Inserting, Updating, Deleting Values into/from Tables

Project with PHP and MySQL

Creation of database and required tables using PHP My admin

Creating login and logout pages for maintaining sessions

Creating forms to insert data into address book-personal details, contact details etc.

Creating page to view the data from address book

Adding JavaScript for form validation

Adding server side validation

Creating page to edit or delete the records in the address book

Creating page to enable searching the address book